“आप का मंगल हो”

Cutest boy image circulating on social media from early morning on this delhi election resul day. Its seem he is CM Arvind kejriwal supporter living in Delhi area. last Tuesday BJP peoples mongering even made lued over Arvind's Hanumaan temple visit. MP Manoj Tiwari remarked "mandir ko sudhi karna padega" and this tuesday see those … Continue reading “आप का मंगल हो”

Exit poll speaks thousands words — Rahul gtb

8 feb, at this morning delhi people went for assembly vote. CM Arvind Kejriwal special appeal to all women – Just as you bear the responsibility of home, so is the responsibility of the country and Delhi. All of you ladies must go to vote and also take the men of your house. Make sure […] … Continue reading Exit poll speaks thousands words — Rahul gtb